The Certified Facilities Engineering and Facilities Operator Specialist programs were established by the International Association of Petroleum Professionals (IAPP) to provide support and resources for the development of a company’s facilities engineering and production operations workforce.

 The certification programs assist companies in meeting their near-and-long-term training challenges by providing training courses that are well-thought-out and are taught by seasoned expert instructors, with diverse industry and teaching experience, who have provided facilities engineering and facilities operator training to tens of thousands of professionals in numerous companies in virtually every oil and gas production sector in the world. The training courses are designed for both new and veteran employees, thus allowing the company to evaluate an employee’s competence as either a facilities’ engineer or facilities operator.
The major objectives of the Certified Specialist programs are “practicality” and developing workforce competency. The courses are designed specifically to address the day-to-day needs of those involved in designing, operating and maintaining oil and gas production facilities. Each training module within a course teaches “how” with just enough theory to understand the “why,” thus bridging the “skill gaps” between classroom and field applications. Training Courses were developed after compiling input data gathered from operating companies over the past 35+ years. While the courses discuss the most current technical information available, all material may be tailored to cover specific company oil and gas facilities. Training courses are organized on the workshop format.

Most courses include a substantial amount of time spent on working practical exercises. The courses maintain a balance between lecture, class exercises and group discussion, and between theory and practical application. Exercise sessions are evenly dispersed throughout each course to emphasize the principles covered. All exercises may be tailored around actual company facilities and/or equipment. The exact amount of time spent on working exercises depends on the level of the course. Some courses may concentrate more on exercises, problem solving and group discussions. Participants will be able to apply their newly acquired skills the first day back on the job.
A Certificate of Achievement is awarded from the International Association of Petroleum Professionals to each participant who satisfactorily completes a training course. Course hours can be used to satisfy Professional Development Hours (PDHs) and Continuing Education Units (CEUs) accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training Accreditation (IACET).. Every certificate indicates the number of CEUs earned and can be used to submit to the appropriate accrediting board. In addition, participants successfully completing the requirements below will be awarded a Certificate of Competency from the International Association of Petroleum Professionals as a Certified Facilities Engineering Specialist or Certified Facilities Operator Specialist.